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The Preface

Posted by Rob on Dec 24, 2010 in Site Updates

A few days ago, I deactivated my Facebook account. Why? I’m not exactly sure. Lots of reasons I suppose, but I’ll boil it down to three:

  1. It’s Christmas Eve and Facebook intends to connect us, but considering my family is in the same room, it can be quite counterproductive. I’ll reactivate it once “The Ball” drops
  2. I’ve got a LOT of things I’d like to change about my life, but I don’t want to minimize them to unfulfilled New Year’s Resolutions. I’m talking everything from routines and habits to big picture, long-term, bucket-list type items. I’m hoping this public journal will help keep me focused, on track, entertained, in perspective, and balanced.
  3. I’ve got a lot of “stuff” to share, creative juices to release, ideas to is daily dose cialis on the tml formulary get down, opinions to suggest, and can’t think of a better medium than my own personal blog.

I don’t know what this site will become and I’ll treat it more like a stream of consciousness, life timeline, and public journal than anything else. But in brainstorming a few directive themes, the kind of features and commentary you can expect are:

  • Documenting my travels through pictures and words
  • Offering my opinion on random topics
  • Making suggestions to family/friends and anyone else who cares enough is foolish enough to trust me
  • Pointing out funny things (that perhaps only I find funny)
  • Artistic randomness
  • Whatever the hell I want… it’s my site so BACK OFF!

Welcome to my scribble pad. I hope you’ll scribble a bit yourself in the comments.